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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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1 of grain from the north. there is a system to the south and a system to the north. the bay area into tomorrow morning. here is a look at future cast pinpointing the activity quite well with most of the heavy rain inland. as we head into the 10:00 hours the showers are tapering off. by 5:00, a second round of rain is rolling in through the morning commute. violetta we're quickly moving to the east bay. by the afternoon the rain moves into the south bay.
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>>pam: facebook had taken a major step towards improving security on its social network. >>gabe: to this book is making sure its users are protected. they are partnering with microsoft and for anti virus companies to beef up security and offering a growing user base more protection. the 14 we should all feel safer on facebook. they offered a special page on facebook for users to download a free six of license for a full version of anti virus software from one of facebook new partners. six months of free into the
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heart software. that is pretty generous. a great thing for facebook. next, and more facebook news that is about so good. women's rights activists are demanding facebook appoint women to their board. women represent 15 percent of the user base that there are no women on the board of directors. if the protests and petitions are being organized by ultraviolet, an on-line community that fights to expand women's rights in combating sexes and. an ample news, we now have a date for the annual summer show in san francisco, that is their worldwide developer's conference, it will be held june 11th-15 at the moscow the center. this is where and when they will life -- it will likely unveil the new iphone.
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lastly, taxing while bicycling could soon be banned. lawmakers are preventing fine for to prevent accidents and california streets. it would make bike riders subject to fines similar to those imposed on drivers who are caught using a mobile devices behind the wheel. >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, the oakland a's had a classic today and the giants were feeling the free while in cincinnati. those stories
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>>pam: it will spotted tynwald in a fishing wire has now been seen off the coast of big sur and toward moderate. the whale is still entangled.
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now, officials from the mars landing marine laboratory have started to plan operations to free the will from its intimate. >> action we have been trained to respond to an tinkled wheels. hopefully keeping track of the animal, assessing its shelf favored moving the gear for the animal if conditions are right. there is a group of us up and down the coastline and do these sorts of things. but jacqueline vera more rain on top for tomorrow morning. kerman the coming of debris.
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>>pam: student loan rates could soon double. coming up, the father of an autistic boy secretly record his teacher is directed with the child. we will have more on what the recordings revealed. >> in my opinion we are in a crisis situation. >>pam: what oakland city leaders are saying about the state of the netflix safety.
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>>jaqueline: let's take a look at how heavy rain is coming down. one-tenth of an inch of rain per hour. anywhere you see green will be less than that. inland we have seen it moderate rainfall. heavy rainfall and san mateo. even less coming down in some spots. the showers are spreading through the north bay. overnight we will see another round of rain through the bay area.
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early morning showers tomorrow and improving conditions into the afternoon. >>pam: city council members are concerned, the fact that oakland has too few police officers. source increased response times and 911 phone calls. >> the oakland police chief as is revealed that it is taking officers on average 17 minutes to get to the emergency calls like reeves and robberies. offs recently it was 15 minutes. state guidelines indicate that oakland should be given to such violent crimes in seven minutes. >> in my opinion, far in a crisis situation.
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the bottom line is, oakland needs more police. it is a huge problem. according to gary and, to hire six new officers equals $8 million. the chief says he needs about 300 more police off to get response times to seven minutes. that would be $50 million. that is more than the budget for libraries, parks and recreation combined. the little full assessment of what it would take to get more officers. >> we're trying to do a second police academy this fall. we're one to take a hard look at this and at some point i think we will have to go back to the voters. i do not think the voters are ready for that yet. >>jaqueline: in the meantime
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the oakland crime rate is on the rise. in >> the victims were attacked and homophobic slurs yelled at them. police say they speak with an east coast or foreign accent. police believe the three suspects are responsible for both hate crimes that we mentioned. >> the d.a. says he is still deciding on whether to
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charge this man with vehicular manslaughter or a misdemeanor beat either manslaughter. the d.a. says the evidence shows a very high level of negligence on the part of the bike rider. a witness saw a bicyclist fly several through red lights before the accident and a tractor on his fight shows who is traveling 10 mi. of the speed limit for that period. also, surveillance video shows and speeding through the intersection but it does not show that he made any attempt to foot on the brakes. his attorney did not return our phone calls and the d.a. says charges against the man will come in the next few days.
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>>pam: and morgan hill, volunteers list of service for sierra lamar today. about 100 people, the hillsides, trails, parks and open spaces in search of the 50 year-old lead missing on march 16th free there was no evidence found. as rob fladeboe reports, many searchers continued to volunteer their time again and again cleared them of the field team to search rv searchers. >> this is what you are supposed it as a part of the community. >> we're still working to eliminate down and keep hope alive. >> donations of food and supplies are pouring in to feed the search team.
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>> the community is extremely generous, extremely giving >> if those now familiar volunteers are the face of the search for sierra lamar there are plenty of on some heroes, those working in the kitchen doing the paperwork and countless other tasks needed to keep the search going. >> i sit here and i do what they need to do. >>pam: and no bottle, a man is behind bars accused of downloading and sharing child pornography. police say they started investigating him last week after receiving a tip from the marin county sheriff's department. he has no previous criminal record in marin county. >>grant: 7.4 million students will cease to the
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loan rates increase soon if congress does not take action. the president says young americans in need affordable loans to compete in this challenging job market. >>president obama: if you are at up for year university or two year college, in today's economy, there is no greater predictor of individual success than a good education. >> many students paying for a good education will have to spend more on july 1st. if that is on the federal interest rates will double to 6.8 for cent for all federally subsidized student loans. right now the rate is kept at 3.4% thanks to a federal program. the president plans to meet with students at three different colleges. on wednesday he spoke with students at the university of iowa. undergraduates expect to leave school with at least $20,000-$30,000 of debt. the president says that is
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too much of a burden for young america to shoulder. he says he understands what the burden is light. >>president obama: when we graduated from college and law school, we had a mountain of debt, we only finished paying off hours to them on about eight years ago. think about that. >> the house will vote on a bill to extend the lower rates beyond july 1st of republicans are asking for $5.9 billion in health-care cuts to health a philosopher of ram. >>stanley: coming up is a mcdonald's with a pre written police report in the window. i'll explain why in the next edition of the m.
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cram >>pam: an autistic boy retorted by his teacher. >>kimberlee: this young boy it was accused of punching a teacher and an aide at his school. his father could not explain why his son's behavior suddenly changed. frustrated by lack of answers he put a recording device in his son's pockets to find out what was going on inside the classroom. what he found horrified him. >> shut your mouth! >>kimberlee: the teacher and a call them names, yelled at him and had in a corporate conversations in front of the children. the school immediately fired one of the aids but move to the teacher to another school. he says he is not satisfied
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with the action taken and holds a lobby for legislation to fire a teacher who bullies a student regardless of tenure or any other union restrictions. >>pam: coming up next another strong outing for gary's ego, was it enough to get the giants past the reds? gary radnich has highlights ahead. f-14s anything thriller between gays and white sox at the coliseum.
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>>stanley: this police report is dated april 18, 2012 posted on the door of this mcdonald's in oakland. the reason is this man hitting up customers in a drive through for money. here he is on my-camera
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waiting for me to drive through said he did it need for cash. for a couple of hours ago is between the drive through and the doors hitting up people for any money they will give him. here he is leaving on his bicycle. he is not the only one. this man with a cowboy hat is a regular beggar according to the owner. this is the owner of this and for other mcdonald's jason away another panhandler. if he says his employees are constantly trying to keep panhandlers at they, like this woman who asked the customer for a dollar. >> did not take a picture of me, sir. >>stanley: when he asked her to stop begging for money. >> you do not even money. you have never seen me here before. you need to get out of my face. i know this man, he is like a all to me. you better not take a
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picture of me, i will call the police right now. >>stanley: customers say they have come to expect this. >> i know he's going asked me. i weep for him to get distracted and then i got out of my car and went in really quick. >> the key is to be able to walk by and just tell them no. one panhandler actually demands cash from customers. the last time i checked it is called a robbery. when police captain says he has had problems at other restaurants as well. >> are you asking my customers for money? >> no. >>stanley: these panhandlers have the attitude that they are entitled to be here. it is not fair to employees or customers. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea from staley, e-mail us at m
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>>jaqueline: wishes seymour showers overnight. our inland valleys are mostly see lighter rain. you can see over san francisco, daly city and south san francisco, also down the peninsula, more moderate rainfall. satellite and radar pictures are showing a storm to the south pushing to the north right now but we have a second storm on tap overnight.
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>>jaqueline: here is a look at your current temperatures. a look at the extended forecast will have rain in the early morning hours and into the afternoon improving conditions. more sunshine and cool temperatures. into friday they will start to warm and warm even more into the weekend.
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>>gary: of the opry house mystery is over, he has been placed on the 15th day disabled list for anxiety issues and he is getting therapy. it has been a rough few months for him. the off-season, it was no secret the giants are trying to go with younger players. years also going through a divorce after 15 years of marriage. he is going to sit for a while the says he will rejoin the team and to continue his therapy in san francisco this weekend. reds and it giants fans tonight, there is the doe had another nice outing five hits and only one run allowed. granted, offered is starting
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to heat up his back a little bit. after giving up the aforementioned home run the ball and had a rough outing. i throw appears to be on time but sanchez cannot come up with it. the game was tied at 2. later in the inning a wild pitch and arrests leads 3-2. pablo sandoval did have a base hit. he has now hit in all 18 games. the giants are 9-9 in to finish with the red some are morning.
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the cuban rookie goes deep and it is gone to tie the game at 4. >> what happens to the bay area nfl teams on draft day, raiders fans relax, unless
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they trade up, oakland does not have attracted until friday's third round. to their raiders new general manager is drafting. >> it does not matter, we have five picks, we need to make them all count. >> meanwhile the 49ers are strong in every area. they are drafting for death. >> we will continue to make some adjustments horizontal lee and vertically
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>>gary: i could run that same piece of next year and did not think anyone would notice, they always say, we draft for need. >>gary: andrew love is the number-one draft choice, the indianapolis colts in the suspense out of it by saying the stanford graduate is our man. they called him on the roof of a radio city music hall. luck was in an event called clay 360, they're trying to get kids exercising for a least 60 minutes a day. here he is on replacing
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peyton manning. >> howdy really replace peyton manning? he is arguably one of the best ever, my football hero growing up if, i have fairly high expectations for myself, as a going there with those expectations, i tried to look my best foot forward and do the best i can. hopefully one day i can be mentioned alongside peyton manning. that would be a dream come true. until then we will work hard and tried to win a baseball game. >> for anyone philosophe san for doubting that they worth not play those guys just as a fifth flus games and get a better traffic off, david lee will undergo a three tomorrow to repair a torn abdominal muscle. the season for the warriors fans with everyone hurt. one more season to watch professional tennis in the bay area after 123 years
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from off ramp of faith moves to memphis in 2004 feel e.f. we are back with more in a moment.
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